Painting Monterey County Teal!


April 8, 2020

by Robyn Guzik, Community Engagement Specialist

As we complete the first week of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM,) as an agency we could not be prouder of the creativity of staff and advocates in participating in the 30 Days of SAAM Instagram challenge. 

As you can see, several staff members and a furry friend participated in Teal Day! Our social media feed was definitely painted teal! 

In between the 30 Days of SAAM Instagram, several blog posts have gone live on our website, including:

"It's okay to not be okay." by Paola Martinez, Crisis Intervention Services Director

"Seeing an old friend in a new way (SAAM)" by Carl Mucha, Prevention Educator

"Bright In Blue with the Prevention Team!" by Diana Beltran, Prevention Educator 

As the second week of SAAM starts, here are the Instagram prompts (in hopes that you will join too!):

April 8: Handwritten SAAM

Share a SAAM haiku, quote, sidewalk chalk drawing, or inspirational message in your own writing. 

April 9: Doing Your Part Through Art 

Print and complete the SAAM coloring page or create your own. Take an artistic shot of your finished product!

April 10: Bird’s Eye View

Take a photo of anything SAAM or consent related from above.

April 11: An Activist’s Morning Routine

Capture your morning routine during SAAM — this might be a self-care practice, preparation for an online SAAM event, or some other related activity.

April 12: My Message to Survivors 

Share a message of support to survivors of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. 

April 13: Spell It Out: S-A-A-M

Use objects to form the letters S-A-A-M and snap a photo.

April 14: Get Crafty: DIY SAAM 

Create your own SAAM teal ribbon, poster, or other craft. 

April 15: From a Distance

Literally or figuratively, what does SAAM look like from a distance?

Please tag us @mtryrapecrisis in your IG posts!