24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: (831) 375-4357 • (831) 424-4357

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We are here for you. Call MCRCC’s 24-hour crisis lines to speak to a Sexual Assault Counselor to help you through a crisis, have reporting options explained to you, or find out more about MCRCC’s services and local resources. Call our business lines to set up a counseling appointment with one of our therapists or request an advocate to go with you to report a sexual assault, accompany you to a forensic exam, or support you during a court hearing.

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How YOU Can Be Involved

Join the movement to end sexual violence! Apply to MCRCC’s bi-annual Training to become a Sexual Assault Counselor or support the cause by applying to become a member of MCRCC’s Board of Directors. If you don’t have the time to serve in this way, consider becoming a monthly donor to our organization or by following us on social media!

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