MyStrength Club

24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: (831) 375-4357 • (831) 424-4357

The MyStrength Campaign was developed by Men Can Stop Rape, a nonprofit organization in Washington DC. The campaign revolves around the theme "My Strength is Not for Hurting" and encourages young men to take action to end sexual violence and to build healthy relationships.  

The MyStrength campaign focuses on the positive aspects of strength and masculinity, targeting males between the ages of 14 and 18. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of sexual violence among youth and highlight the vital role that young men can play in fostering healthy and safe relationships.

MyStrength promotes:

  • Male positive, non-violent messages
  • Challenges traditional masculine roles
  • Discussions regarding healthy dating relationships, personal boundaries and issues of respect

You can find MyStrength clubs at Salinas High School, Seaside High School, Marina High School and Gonzales High School.

For more information on the MyStrength program, please contact a Prevention Educator at  (831) 771-0411 or email