My Life Club

24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: (831) 375-4357 • (831) 424-4357

The My Life Club fosters an environment that empowers young women to embrace their strengths, make safe and healthy decisions in their lives, and create positive change in their communities.

The curriculum addresses three main objectives:

  • Decrease risk factors that contribute to sexual violence and gender oppression
  • Promote protective factors that support healthy adolescent development and future success
  • Build skills and experience mobilizing positive change and supporting a beloved community.

How do we do this?

Monterey County Rape Crisis Center (MCRCC) has established clubs for young women at several Monterey County high schools. Club sessions are held once a week throughout the school year during lunch or after school. The topics discussed during club sessions cover a wide array of issues that support students' in learning to:

  • Recognize attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of sexual violence
  • Critically examine media messages and recognize the influence these messages have on our perceptions of self and others
  • Increase self-esteem and self confidence through activities that highlight strengths and build upon personal potential
  • Apply healthy communication strategies and boundaries in various situations
  • Identify allies and facilitate positive change within their community

In addition to weekly club meetings, students also organize awareness-raising activities on their school campuses and participate in community events.

Currently, you can find My Life clubs at Salinas High School, Gonzales High School, North Monterey County High School, Everett Alvarez High School, Seaside High School and Marina High School.

For more information on My Life clubs, please contact a Prevention Educator at (831) 373-3955 or email