Neighborly support: Thank you, Necklace Fairy!

April 27, 2021

     The "Necklace Fairy" (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been crafting and donating necklaces for the sexual assault survivors we meet at forensic interviews and exams.

As one can imagine, these interviews and exams can be lengthy and hard to go through. Staff at the Child Advocacy Center have shared, "The necklaces are awesome! At the end of a difficult interview as a survivor is getting ready to leave, they are able to decide if they want one to take home. When survivors see the necklaces it is something that brightens their day and adds a smile to their face."

We asked The Necklace Fairy to tell us what inspired her to continue creating and donating the necklaces. She said, "It gives me joy to know that many people are wearing them. I find that I can’t stop making jewelry. Knowing that survivors are given even the slightest boost from a necklace is a reason to go on."

She started calling herself The Necklace Fairy when she anonymously began putting necklaces at her neighbors' apartment doors. She later reached out to MCRCC to ask if she could donate. The Necklace Fairy would also like to credit her neighbors who have started donating materials and beads to her project. 

We want to thank her immensely for her generosity and beautiful work.