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March 23, 2020

By Erin Ortiz

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Things are far from ordinary these days. It’s normal to feel worried for a myriad of reasons - Anxiety about spreading or catching germs. Sanitizing one’s hands every time they come near a door handle or shared surface. Anxiety about the anxiety. Finances. Food. Working from home while simultaneously caring for children. Missing friends, family, and your favorite hangouts. The list goes on.

Being stuck at home and distancing from other human beings is hard. Taking care of ourselves during this time is crucial. For some, this means sticking to a routine to maintain sanity. For others, maybe it’s turning off that alarm clock and allowing yourself extra time to stay in your pajamas while finishing your coffee. Whatever gets you through.

We want to hear what you are doing to cope during this time. How do you take care of yourself and your loved ones while sheltering in place? What are you doing for fun? 


What stories would you like to read about from us?

What are your worries?

Do you have questions about MCRCC services during this time?


At MCRCC, we are trying to focus on all the things that we can still do, rather than what’s not allowed. Things like baking, listening to audiobooks, online classes and get-togethers, and enjoying the simple things. 

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