Words of Hope for Incarcerated Survivors

Written by Deborah Pembrook, Outreach Advocate

MCRCC serves all survivors, including the survivors among the over 8,000 men incarcerated in Monterey County. We offer support through visits, confidential phone calls and letter correspondence to survivors incarcerated at the California Correctional Training Facility and Salinas Valley State Prison, both located in Soledad, CA

Incarcerated survivors experience the same trauma and have the same emotional needs as any survivor. We hear from survivors who are grappling with feelings of shame, fear, and grief. While survivors on the outside can turn to their family, share with friends or even take a walk to feel support, incarcerated survivors have very few resources to turn to. We hear over and over again how much our support means to incarcerated survivors.

For the last two holiday seasons, MCRCC has partnered with Just Detention International (JDI) Words of Hope program. Through this program, MCRCC staff and advocates write messages of kindness and compassion on holiday cards which JDI then sends to incarcerated survivors. Survivors share that receiving these messages help them know that they are not alone.

The impact of this connection can be seen in this video of women survivors on the inside as they receive their words of hope. Thanks to JDI for this video and for the Words of Hope program.