Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing: Politics and Sexual Violence

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearing last week was every bit as electrifying as Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearing 27 years ago. Anita Hill was credible in the 1990’s, however, Justice Thomas’ portrayed himself as the one wronged in her disclosure of sexual harassment and he was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and the full Senate. We watched another man nominated to the Court describe himself as a victim of mistaken identity and politically motivated slander for a new generation at Thursday’s committee hearing.


This time none of the Senate Judiciary Committee members openly accused the very credible Dr. Christine Blasey Ford of lying. However, they discounted her testimony; deciding that her experience of sexual assault didn’t matter and voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh anyway. It remains to be seen in the next week or so whether the full Senate will concur now that an FBI investigation has been ordered.


These dynamics are inherent to cases of sexual assault.  Sexual assault is all about power and control; the ability of one person (or persons) to take advantage of another after weighing the likelihood of there being any consequences to their actions. Too often we hear about survivors being blamed for their own victimization while perpetrators deflect blame on anyone, or anything, but themselves and effectively evade repercussions.


Millions of survivors, their supporters and their loved ones will not be dismissed so easily. We see you, we hear you, we support you. You are not alone, you are worthy. Stay strong, MCRCC is here to support you, we have your back today, and always.


Know that there are resources available.  It’s never too late to call our 24-hour help lines at (831) 375-4357 / 424-4357.


Written by Clare Mounteer, Executive Director

October 1, 2018