Joining a new team, from a distance

June 18, 2020

What is it like to start a new job virtually, when that job normally involves lots of face to face interaction? Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have welcomed two new staff members to the MCRCC family. Their onboarding process looked quite different from how it normally would, since we haven’t been sharing office space for months. Here are Leslie and Cristina’s thoughts on the experience so far:

Leslie Donato, Crisis Intervention Specialist (hired in March)

            MCRCC: What has been a highlight of beginning this new job remotely?

Leslie: Totally something new, learning a new way of providing services to clients vs. face to face interaction. Also allowing me time to get comfortable before providing in-person support to clients.  

MCRCC: What has been one of the biggest challenges about starting a new job without being able to actually go to the office?

Leslie: Having both personal life and work under the same roof, not being able to provide in-person emotional support to people.

MCRCC: What do you look forward to in your next few months at MCRCC?

Leslie: Continuing to learn and grow on a personal/professional level; providing in-person support to survivors.

MCRCC: What is something you've accomplished so far in your work at MCRCC that you're proud of?

Leslie: Finally taking part in forensic interviews, and providing emotional support to survivors via Zoom.

Cristina Sotelo, Therapist (hired in April), says:

I am excited to form part of MCRCC because it is an opportunity to learn, as this agency provides services to a specific population. In addition, due to COVID 19 we all have to be creative in providing services to families; using telehealth to provide therapy and support to families has been interesting and so far the families that we are currently serving seem receptive to taking part in it.  

I am excited to be able to provide support to families during these times. Although we are not able to be in the same office space, everyone at the agency is very welcoming and supportive; so even though my start with the agency has been virtual, staff have made it easy for me to be part of the agency.