In 2004, 66% of all CA registered sex offenders were in the community, 17% were incarcerated, 13% were out of state and 3% were deported.


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"I was raped...but I am proud. I am proud of the person I am. I am proud that I survived such torment. I am proud that I did it without the mindless hate of the rapist. I am proud that out of the trauma I created a new beginning, a better Me. I am proud of me!"

Job Opening in our Salinas office

The MCRCC is hiring for an Administrative Assistant/Outreach Coordinator position in our Salinas office. 
For more information see our Administrative Assistant/Outreach Coordinator job announcement.  The position is 30 hours a week and is benefit eligible.
Application process:
Please submit a cover letter, resume and two references to:
Monterey County Rape Crisis Center
c/o Clare Mounteer
P.O. Box 2630
Monterey, CA 93942
Phone: 831.373.3955/Fax: 831.373.3389